In May adventure will begin...

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In May 2021 comes the extraordinary story of a boy and his journey into the unbelievable. 

Fans of The Chronicles of Narnia and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will love diving into a new world full of wonder where myths come alive, secret organizations plot, and the world you think you know is just one part of a much bigger story. 

The Sky Belongs to the Dreamers receives the

Mom's Choice Gold Award!

I've long been fascinated by fables.

I enjoy the way they simplify the world. 

And how they paint pictures with the creatures and things around us so that we might understand ourselves a little more. 

The Sky Belongs to the Dreamers is a fable. It is a story for children but also very much a story for adults.

It is dedicated to Eli. You can read more about him here

We all live with doubt. Doubt in the world, doubt in others, and most importantly doubt in ourselves. 

Your problems do not define you or make you particularly unique. 

Your choices do. 

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Listen to a new short story!

"They loomed the way mountains loom; giant and quiet, running on a different kind of time, solid yet unbound on a granular level, as if they at any moment could dissolve into dust."

I write stories.


Sometimes they are fables, and sometimes they are true stories about things I have experienced or places I've been.


Sometimes they are big and epic things about legends and the fate of the world, and sometimes they are shorter, simpler tales that you might hear around a campfire, or tell children as they fall asleep.


Always, I hope to imbue them with something of the fantastic, something akin to a curiosity with the world that, if I'm being honest, I'm deathly afraid of losing the older I get. 

I hope they bring out the curiosity in you, and maybe help us slow down, take a deep breath, and remember that we are all writing our own story.

Choices are the pen. Words are the ink. 


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