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The Journey Begins...


"...a landscape in poetry on every page.”

– Michelle Rene, award-winning author

"Wildly imaginative and thought provoking, Around Curiosity’s Edge creates a mystical and beautiful world within our own. Its vast collection of vibrant characters leap off the pages as they sail between worlds, tackling issues of xenophobia, morality, loss and growth."


– J.R. Konkol, Author of Citadel of the Fallen

" exciting vision of an alternate world. Hostetler blends fantasy and reality to create a world where good and evil struggle and the fate of all existence hangs in the balance.”


– Greg Hoover, author of The Witching of the King

"Filled with lovable characters, relatable humor, urgent socially-relevant thrills, and world-building that'll leave fantasy fanatics thirsting for more, book one of Hostetler's Around Curiosity's Edge is a title not to be missed."

– Brendan Walsh, author of A Fantastic Decade series

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About Hidden Meridians

Mythology has long fascinated me. 

How have people come up with such diverse and beautiful stories, from all different parts of the world throughout history?

What happens to myths as society modernizes? Do they run away, hide away, die away? 

Around Curiosity's Edge is an exploration. It is a dive into world myth, but also the delicate psyche of a boy dealing with social anxiety. It is a reflection on loss, but also an observation of the wonders that occur through inclusion and diversity. 

This is the first installment of a series that is still actively playing out and I can't wait to see where it goes. 

I hope you enjoy reading Hidden Meridians as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

~ J.P.

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Listen to a Short Story

"They loomed the way mountains loom; giant and quiet, running on a different kind of time, solid yet unbound on a granular level, as if they at any moment could dissolve into dust."

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