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"...a landscape in poetry on every page.”

– Michelle Rene, award-winning author

"Wildly imaginative and thought provoking, Around Curiosity’s Edge creates a mystical and beautiful world within our own. Its vast collection of vibrant characters leap off the pages as they sail between worlds, tackling issues of xenophobia, morality, loss and growth."


– J.R. Konkol, Author of Citadel of the Fallen

"...an exciting vision of an alternate world. Hostetler blends fantasy and reality to create a world where good and evil struggle and the fate of all existence hangs in the balance.”


– Greg Hoover, author of The Witching of the King

"Filled with lovable characters, relatable humor, urgent socially-relevant thrills, and world-building that'll leave fantasy fanatics thirsting for more, book one of Hostetler's Around Curiosity's Edge is a title not to be missed."

– Brendan Walsh, author of A Fantastic Decade series

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