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"...a landscape in poetry on every page.”

– Michelle Rene, award-winning author

" exciting vision of an alternate world. Hostetler blends fantasy and reality to create a world where good and evil struggle and the fate of all existence hangs in the balance.”


– Greg Hoover, author of The Witching of the King

"Filled with lovable characters, relatable humor, urgent socially-relevant thrills, and world-building that'll leave fantasy fanatics thirsting for more, book one of Hostetler's Around Curiosity's Edge is a title not to be missed."

– Brendan Walsh, author of A Fantastic Decade series

A hidden world waits, a dark society schemes, and a ship sails to protect that which cannot be lost.

Salem Swan knows none of this as he arrives in Easterly. He knows only that he misses his recently deceased mother, that his new guardian, his uncle Ulysses is unique, and that the boat which will now be his home is unlike anything he has ever seen.

Fearful of this new reality, Salem starts to ask questions that uncover the truth about his distant uncle, his long-gone father, and the true nature of the ship. The answers lead him into a place of myth and legend, where fantastic creatures wage an ages-old war with a radical group bent on eliminating them forever.

Rich with mythology from around the world, Hidden Meridians is the first installment of a fantasy series that takes readers into that place that is just around Curiosity’s edge.

This is the first installment of the Around Curiosity's Edge saga.

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Readers Favorite Gold Medal.png

A dark army rises, a new ship sails the seas, and old ones, long silent, are summoned forth to lead.

Whereas only a few months earlier he would not have believed any of it, Salem Swan now finds himself faced with sinister enemies and, equally surreal, surrounded by close friends. He has gained powers as a mythlinguist, and with it a responsibility to reunite the world of humans with the world of myth, known as the Fringe.

With his uncle Ulysses and Captain Fern taken prisoner by a growing Regulat force, it's up to Salem and the crew to seek help in old allies. This takes them to the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, where a city concealed in waterfalls tests the measure of their resolve.

Meanwhile Regulat forces conspire to eliminate fringers of the undeground sanctuary known as the Descended Lands and bear down on the sacred space with a terrible force that knows no mercy.

The world is changing faster than anyone realizes, and salvaging its best parts now rests in the hands of three teenagers and a mythical crew who cannot stand to see it lost.

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