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Pandemic thoughts...

I think we can all agree that 2020 has had a strange first half.

Call me overly optimistic but I feel the warmth off the light that I think is coming from the end of the tunnel...or that might just be the relentless west coast sun.

Either way, we're all ready for the return of even the smallest amount of normalcy.

I know for me and my family it's certainly been an exercise in coping with pressure and the underlying anxiety of 'it all.' That might be one of the most interesting aspects of this pandemic-how it's cast a shadow of fear over everything.

I would guess 'we'll have to wait and see,' might be the most used arrangement of words in 2020 so far.

At least here in the United States, COVID-19 has revealed so much of the underbelly of society, stripping away the veil of economy, of growth, of political rhetoric, and left the inner-workings, the people who make it all possible, exposed and vulnerable.

So many professionals, especially those in hospitals and clinics, have responded heroically. That's been beautiful to witness, and something that we (humans) are good at. We rally when we need to. Once we're in the thick of it, we come together.

If you've lost anyone during or as a result of this pandemic, I am truly sorry.

But now, as collective patience nears its breaking point, we have to ask: Can we restructure our systems and policies to protect each other in the future? Can we create an infrastructure that will support 100% of its population in times of great need? Can we find consensus for the common good in a country which owes everything it is to the millions of people from all over the world who have moved here, immigrated here, fled here?

If we're going to not only survive but thrive then quite simply, we must.

But...we'll have to wait and see...

I know we're all tired of quarantine. But things will open again soon, if they haven't opened already.

Soon we can get back to 'it all.'

One parting thought that runs through my mind a lot these days. Which of our behaviors will change after the pandemic ends, after a vaccine is discovered?

Will we stockpile more effectively now?

Will we monitor temperatures and screen more closely at travel hubs?

Will we eat out more at restaurants because we can again?

Will we remember the quiet days of quarantine?

Will we remember to call our families, our friends, our grandparents?

Put another way: do you want to change anything after all of this?

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